Windjammers Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

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Move over the rest of 2018, the biggest, best, and most important news has just come in: Windjammers is coming to Nintendo Switch.

That’s right, “the original flying disc game” is making its way to the Nintendo console sometime later this year, DotEmu has announced.

The Nintendo Switch version of the title will be the same port of the game that hit the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita back in August 2017, which notably came packing online multiplayer support for the first time.

For those of you horrible people who don’t know what Windjammers is: it’s a sports arcade game that hit back in 1994 via the Neo Geo arcade system and Data East. While the game didn’t garner the attention it deserved at the time, over the years it increasingly became a cult-classic, with a hardcore following who sang the praises of the niche title across the Internet whenever they could.

The game features six different and unique courts and six characters, each with his or her own characteristics, nationality, and style of play.

In a wonderful game of Windjammers, which plays like air hockey meets pong, players continuously shoot a disc at the goal zone of an opponent in attempt to score. In the pursuit of this, players can unleash a variety of different throw types.

As mentioned above, before this new port, the game never-ever featured any type of online support, but now it does, and it even has leaderboards. It also has five games modes, two unlockable mini-games, and even some brand-new HD menus that are the best damn Windjammers‘ menus you’ll ever see in your life.

When Windjammers will hit Nintendo Switch, and at what price-point, hasn’t been revealed. The latter could be $14.99 USD, which is what it costs on PS4 and PS Vita, but yet again, it could come packing the infamous Nintendo Switch tax. Who knows. All that matters is it will be worth every penny.

If for some reason you don’t own Windjammers already on the PS4 or PS Vita, then now is as good of a time as ever, because it’s only a couple of bucks thanks to a new PlayStation Store sale. A couple of dollars for Windjammers? That’s arguably the best deal in the history of all deals.

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