White Woman Caught On Video Verbally Attacking Black Man And His Pregnant Girlfriend | National News

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A white woman in Berkeley, California, was arrested after she was caught on video harassing and following a Black couple.

During the May 26 incident, the woman was harassing a Black man, his girlfriend, who was five-months pregnant, and the diverse group they were with, reported The Grio.

The woman, who was identified as Lauren Milewski, allegedly followed 30-year-old Essex Cook and his girlfriend for several blocks until the situation escalated, according to Berkeley Police Department spokesperson Officer Byron White.

In his post to Instagram, Cook said he was out with his girlfriend and their friends when  Milewski confronted them and told them they don’t belong. 

“You don’t belong here,” the woman screamed. “Get out of Berkeley. Get out of here. You don’t belong anywhere.”

Eventually, Cook’s girlfriend and cousin tried to intervene, yet he told them to walk away to avoid any further issues. When his girlfriend walked away, the woman allegedly attacked his cousin.

Then an officer arrived and Milewski, who smelled of alcohol, played the victim.

Milewski claimed a “mob of people just came at me from out of nowhere and tried to assault me.”

However, police used videos and witness accounts to determine Milewski was wrong.

She was arrested on charges of being drunk in public, resisting arrest, and for violation of her probation.

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