The Padres’ new ticket package will have fans rooting for the team to lose every game

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Well, this is one of the more creative ticket packages we’ve seen. The Padres, who are currently 42-62 and last in the NL West, are using their losses to their advantage for the second year in a row. In order to get fans in seats for the rest of the season, San Diego is running a promotion called the “Five-Win Pass.”

With the pass, fans will have the opportunity to pay $99 for five Padres home wins after they purchase the pass (which can be done between July 27th and September 2nd). If the fan scans their ticket and the team loses that night, another game is added to the pass. So if the Padres win the first five times a fan goes to the games, they get five wins for $20 each. Not a bad deal.

If the Padres keep losing at this rate, which they probably will, that cost per game goes down every time someone goes to a game. So if you’re the type of fan who likes to just go hang out at the baseball stadium for cheap and watch a game that may or may not be entertaining against another team that may or may not be good but at least you have a hot dog and a beer, then this package is for you.

The deal has been adjusted since last season, when it lasted just a month long rather than the last two-plus months of the season. There are some fans who were upset about the structure of the deal then and are still dissatisfied now (you can see a few examples in the replies here).

That dissatisfaction mostly stems from comparisons to other deals in other markets who have more successful baseball teams that are charging fans less for more games or higher quality play. Some are bringing up the point that this means fans will be rooting for the team to lose for their own benefit. Which, if this were the beginning of the season sure. That’s a complaint. But the team is bad and is clearly not about to turn it around so that point rings a little false. If they’re going to lose anyway wouldn’t you want that to have some benefit to the fans?

Still, the cost here (especially if the Padres continue in the way they have) is great. Especially for families on summer vacation or die hard fans who like being at the park.

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