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My first car Ford Club

1950_Ford_Club_CoupeA REFRESHER SINCE my last 1950 ‘Shoebox’ Ford update, which I’m startled to realise was some two years ago.

As related in my previous report, the task at hand has never been a restoration as such but merely to get the beast road-legal and reliable. With that as the brief, the ‘Box was delivered to Hampshire specialist Roy Pitter, of Rods and Restorations, where the first task – on safety grounds and at Roy’s insistence – was a total rewire using a modern, off-the-shelf ‘street rod’ loom.

The car arrived in this country on a set of totally inappropriate cheapo BBS replica wheels, which have now been jettisoned in favour of a set of ‘steelies’, wider-rimmed than original and custom-built with sufficient offset (inset?) to allow fatter tyres to fit without fouling the low-cut rear ‘arches. Playing with the wheels inevitably led to renewing the brake system, with a new master cylinder and slave cylinders. All available off-the-American-shelf at a refreshingly low price in comparison to buying similar parts for a European classic. The frankly awful accelerator pedal, little more than a piece of stamped tin on a rubber ‘hinge’, has also been replaced with a new and much more substantial device.

With much time spent viewing the car from ground level and lower, it was decided that the sills ought to be replaced and a set of panels were ordered from the States and grafted in. A small area of rust in the passenger’s footwell was also cut out and replaced, and I raised quite a few blisters on my hand after deciding to scrape off the concrete-like sound-deadening on the cabin floor. The car might now be noisier inside – I’ve yet to find out – but it will certainly be many pounds lighter, and, after all, it’s a ‘Rod so noisy is good.

I tempted fate in my last report by saying that the engine was running sweetly. With the 2015 Pendine Sands Hot Rod Races targeted as a deadline and rapidly approaching, a leaky carb (one of the two fitted on the Fenton manifold) was dispatched to a specialist and rebuilt virtually overnight as a rush job. Phew, almost there! But then I fell at the last fence…

A misfire and a lack of compression on one cylinder, which consultation with the Flathead boys predicted was almost certainly caused by failed piston rings, caused me also to suffer a compression failure and I abandoned the mission.

It’s now Pendine 2016 or bust. More very soon.

What Exactly Are Skid Steer Loaders?

skidsteelloaderThere are actually a lot of various types of machines or equipments that are being utilized for construction projects, commercial and agricultural purposes. One most popular machine that is being used is the Skid Steer Loader; it is frequently labeled as skid loader. It is a machine with wheels that has a rigid frame, lifts arms and well built to accommodate a large variety of equipments and accessories that can be hooked to it. All of the attachments had been made for the skid steer loader is just simply remarkable because all of them are powered by the loaders very own hydraulic system, such as post hole diggers, scoops, concrete breakers, stumps grinders, ditch diggers and rock crushers.The size of the skid steer loaders is one of the most impressive because they are a small machine that was originally constructed for accomplished medium or light task in confined working conditions.
As a matter of fact, new types of skid loaders that can be seen on the market are much smaller but stronger and some of it does not have any seats for the operator. The operator must stand on the back for them to operate the machine.The most outstanding feature of these mini machines is their wheel or track operation. And those track system that this machines have are produce to operate independently. So this clearly means that this mini machine can definitely turn on a dime while standing totally still.The very first prototypes for what has become a modern day skid loader has been operational in the year 1957, and it only have three wheels two at the back and one on the front. Consequently, in the year 1958 one company obtained the rights of the machine and after some years later the first four wheeled machines were manufactured by the same company.
Since then these machines has undertake several improvements which includes track that were replaced with wheels as well as all of the tools that can be attached to it.There are many benefits you can get in skid steer loaders and one of the best benefits is that it is the only machine that can handle various different task with a low cost and versatility. It can positively replace almost two or four man crew in some of the task that it can perform. And for their size and simplicity of operation it is much a safer machine to have. In addition, all of its tools and attachments are very accommodating. The newer versions of skid steer loaders are geared up with powerful economical engines that can really be fascinating.

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